A call for artists

Is your artwork looking for a new home? Now there is a new change to sell your art in the gorgeous cultural environment of Fiskars.

We are looking for artist who are residing in Finland to sell their art in Mikä-Art store and webstore. We are looking to bring together the sellers and buyers of art. Our store will have artwork from various artists on display. The artworks can be all kind of visual art, from paintings to art jewellery and from graphic art to sculptures. Additionally we are looking for other merchandise to be sold, as: postcards, books, posters, comics.

Our store size is 38m2, so we will have a main focus on smaller artworks. In there will be many tourists visiting Fiskars from Finland and abroad, so the smaller pieces of art will be much easier to take along.

The artist can suggest several artworks for the application. The pictures that the artist will send don't necessary need to be about the same artworks that will be given to us to be brokered, but examples of the artwork to be brokered. Mikä-Art store will have at least one artwork from the artist on display. The rest of the artists artworks will be in the storing shelves inside our shop, also on sale and in display in our webshop.

The contract will be made for 3 months at a time, after which the contract will continue as open-ended with two weeks term of notice. The artist needs to insure the artwork by her/himself and make sure that the artworks are in a good shape to be sold and take care of the transportation in the agreed time. We can possibly do the transportation when agreed in Turku-Helsinki axis, for kilometre allowance. If there is several artists artwork to be picked up in the same city and the artworks will fit to our vehicle, the kilometre allowance will be divided.

Our call for artist is however valid continuously. Please send us an email and we´ll talk more.

Attachments for the application: Pictures of artworks or exaples of style used in artworks, webpage, cv, info about the artworks and contact info. Please tell us also how many artworks would you like to handle over for us to sell.